Property Investment Loans

Building wealth has never been so easy.

If you are an Australian property investor and you have a sound property investment strategy in place, the sky’s the limit. At Barling Finance, we can help you choose from the many available property investment loans for your first or next investment property. Whether you’re eyeing off the house next door, a block of units across town or a seaside shack, you will need sound professional advice when it comes to borrowing and setting up your loan structure to make the most of your big decision. Property investing is easy, if you get the right advice.

Click to our Loan Repayment Calculator, punch in some quick data and have a play around with what’s possible with the repayment amount you can afford. You might be surprised!

Free and easy consultations.

All of our investment property consultations are free of charge and free of obligation. As an Australian property investor, we understand you’ll want to discuss property and market reports with us to help you make an informed choice as to your specific investment strategy.

We can offer you expert advice on the following types of property investment loans:

  • Standard variable rate
  • Fixed rate
  • Interest only
  • Equity loans.

Every type of investment loan offers a different structure and different advantages and disadvantages. At Barling Finance, our specialist and qualified loan consultants will guide you to the loan product that’s right for you.

Why are you investing in property?

Every Australian property investor has a different motivation. You might be seeking to achieve capital growth, use negative gearing to achieve tax advantages, add an income stream of rental returns or use equity in an existing property to leverage your way into the investment market. Or you might be looking at a mix of these outcomes. Your reason or reasons for investing will help determine which is the ideal property investment loan for you. Let’s chat, work through the options and get you the best deal available.