Easy Personal Loans Geelong

Need cheap personal loans, fast? We can help.

Whether you’re renovating, buying a car, planning a holiday or wish to consolidate your other loans or credit cards, Barling Finance can help. We offer a range of easy personal loans in Geelong and Australia-wide to suit your needs, and do so with the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Competitive interest rates.

With our panel lenders, you get a choice between a number of interest rates – more alternatives means a better deal! With both fixed and variable products we can find the loan that suits your needs so you can take more control of your finances.


Pre-approval gives you the bargaining power to drive a better deal no matter what you plan on buying. Apply today and you can shop with confidence for a new car, holiday, or even that spa you’ve been dreaming of! Get started on those renovations, consolidate your debts or prepare for those unexpected bills – whatever you need extra cash for, pre-approved personal loans might be the answer you need.

Flexible payment options.

Do you get paid weekly but have problems managing monthly repayments? We have the options to arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that suit your needs. Often allowing you to pay that little bit more and get your loan repaid faster!

See for yourself what your options might be: click to our easy Loan Repayment Calculator, punch in some details and it will instantly calculate likely repayment amounts for you.

Speed and communication.

Just like every other service we offer here at Barling Finance, we pride ourselves on looking after your needs quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, we don’t leave you in the dark while the process takes place. When you apply for cheap personal loans in Geelong through us, you’ll know the outcome as soon as we do.

The best of the best.

Because we source loan products from a wide range of finance providers, we can cherry-pick the best of the best. Through Barling Finance, you have access to premium easy personal loans Australia-wide.